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A real Review...be warned.

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Definitive problems from the get go. so let me break this down, starting with the cons, since I'm in the minority.

-The whip is not clear. This makes proper dossage and initial temperature setting difficult. Don't be fooled by the photos. You can't see through the whip.
-The whip will arrive kinked. First off the tubing is softer than it should be allowing it to be packed bent in the box. This makes kinks in the hose, so the user is only able to sit right in front of the unit, with the whip stretched straight out in order to achieve air flow. I am making this assessment based my use of the hot box vaporizer, which has a more rigid, clear whip, nearly impossible to bend.
-Temperature control resets. After turning off the unit, it will go back to 200 the next time you turn it on. Then you have to spin the wheel a bunch to get it up to temp.
-whip 'bowl' too large. In order to keep the medicinals in the whip during use, I had to pack more than I could use in 3 sittings. I am a light weight. This again compared to the hot box vape. Most people would see this as an advantage, and will work in a party setting, but that's why I didn't get a volcanoe.
-Narrowly focused heat. The center is where the heat hits. It's only about %50 the surface area of the bowl. That means stirring. Stirring is Not too hard, but be aware.
-Angle of element means the substance can fall out easily, however the box is designed to make it easily retreivable with a pokey, or just tipping it out.
Not really cons, but somethings of note
-The screen in the whip is difficult to get to, or replace.
-a light indicating temperature reached would be nice.
-The box 'feels' cheap. In hind sight, wood or ceramic would be nicer.

And now the pros:
-Very efficient. I start at about 330, and then when the compounds start to get exhasted you can kick the temp up a bit to get it all out.
-Total control of the temperature. Within 2 degrees...it's very cool.
-Heats fast... about 3 times faster than hot box vape.
-box does not get too hot. Because of the positioning of the element, it stays handle-able.
-Draws very smooth. It feels very pleasant to use.
-Tastes great! Thats one of the reasons we're here, right? The ceramic element feels 'pure', sorry for the poor word choice.

In conclusion:
With a new whip, and a small features upgrade, this would be an unbeatable vaporizer. But When you buy a vape, you don't want to have to buy a brand new whip too, you know? You could just swap out the more sturdy clear tubing if you could find the size that fits the glass pieces.
Overall I would say it's better than the hot box vape(the other 'box' style I've tried) and more convenient for personal use than the bag filling units.

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flashpoint Reviewed by flashpoint
December 08, 2009

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