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I have to say it's hard not to seem overly optimistic about the item. I recieved it in the mail and turned it on and let the shipping oil burn off,tried it and fell in love. The design of the whip and the unit itself make it very easy to use hands free. with the whip detached it looks more like a piece of stereo equipment, than a vaporizer. All esstetics aside lets talk about performance. It takes about 2 to 5 minutes to heat up. THe pull is super smooth and allows for fast deep hauls or a nice light puff. its easy to fill and clean. With the digital tempurature control you can dail in the potency of you blend. I've found after fooling around with it for a month now that about 225 to 250 is a great setting for sore muscles or a bad headache. 280 to 300 degrees if good for a medium to heavy effect and well lets just say that 350 will melt you into your couch. I have found that it doubles the ptoency of my blend and I can still cook with the leftovers which I estimate combined with vaporizing it will increase yeild from a given amount by about two third. All in all this is the finest vaporizer that I have ever tried. ITs simple compact, with a minimum of parts, It looks great and it totally lives up to everything they pitch in the sale.
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CUlcom Reviewed by CUlcom
June 15, 2009

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