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Vaporizer Cookbook

Vaporizer Cookbook
Vaporizer Price: $1 - $50
Vaporizer Type: Portable VaporizerStandard Vaporizers
Vaporizer Manufacturer: unknown

Vaporizer Cookbook is a recipe book for vaporizers and ecigarettes.

Vaporizer Cookbook, is a recipe book and guide on how to make your own vapor juice at home, for your vaporizer and e-cigarettes.

163 recipes. and a guide on how to make Vapor juice, you can start making your vapor juice right away, the way you want it to taste, at a fraction of the cost of store bought vapor juice products.

Full color photos throughout the book, easily see what your recipes will taste like.

Vaporizer Cookbook, is for beginners or advanced home vapor juice makers.

Easy to follow instructions, and guidance every step of the way, including access to the Vaporizer Cookbook Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/VaporizerCookbook and you can contact me any time through the Contact page of the Vaporizer Cookbook website http://www.vaporizercookbook.com I have a Twitter page, follow me at https://twitter.com/VaporCookbook and I started a blog http://vaporizercookbook.wordpress.com .

Rest assured that you can make your own vapor juice at home, and I am here to help, always!

I am also interested in knowing how you like the recipes, please feel free to write me and let me know about your experiences.

Easily adjust recipes to add flavor (if you like stronger flavor) or subtract flavor (if you like a lighter flavor). It costs on average 22.00 to buy one ounce of store bought vapor juice, your home made vapor juice will cost less than 4.00 an ounce and be exactly how you want it to taste.

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